Case IH Precision Hoe™ 800

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Parallel Link Row Unit
The patented parallel link row unit--with double-shoot knife opener and single-shank design-- provides exceptional seed and fertilizer placement accuracy and depth control. The Precision Hoe 800 combines precise control with rugged reliability for seeding in uneven terrain and tough no-till conditions.

Patented Parallel Linkage

Parallel link maintains opener depth from the top to the bottom of its entire range of motion:

  • 9 in up and 7 in down
  • Depth is adjustable in 1/8 in increments

Retains the angle at which the knife opener engages the ground:

  • Preserves the 1 to 1.5  in separation between seed and fertilizer bands -- ideal for fertilizer availability to seed
  • Preserves the consistent distance between the knife and the packing wheel

Adjustable hydraulic control of packing and trip force:

  • Trip force adjusts from 275-550 lbs
  • Down-pressure/packing force adjusts from 135-215 lbs

Ultra-Low Disturbance Opener

Patented, angled double-shoot knife opener works hand-in-hand with parallel linkage to provide:

  • Precise seed and fertilizer depth placement
  • Positive separation of seed and fertilizer bands
  • The ability to handle dry, liquid or anhydrous ammonia fertilizer

Made of tough material:

  • Carbide opener tips for prolonged wear

Single-Shank Design

The unique design delivers both seed and fertilizer on one shank:

  • Uses half the number of shanks vs. competitive models that use two separate shanks to place seed and fertilizer

Advantages of fewer shanks:

  • Improved residue flow
  • Decreased chance of plugging and dragging
  • Ideal for heavier, tougher residue common with new genetics
  • Better field finish

Wide Working Widths and Narrow Transport Width

The Precision Hoe™ 800 uses a similar patented rearward-folding frame design as the Case IH Flex Hoe™ 700.  This innovative design allows wide working widths while providing industry-leading narrow transport width and height for visibility, stability and safety on the road.

Wide Working Width

Available in three working widths to cover more acres in less time:

  • 50 ft (15.2 m)
  • 60 ft (18.3 m)
  • 70 ft (21.3 m)

All three working widths are:

  • Available in 10 or 12 in rows
  • Capable of operating with tow-between and tow-behind air systems

Narrow Transport Width and Height

All three configurations offer:

  • Narrow 17 ft 8 in (5.38 m) transport width
  • Short 16 ft 9 in (5.03 m) transport height
  • Good visibility during transport

This compact footprint allows for:

  • Operator peace of mind on busy highways
  • Easy inside storage during the off-season


Make Case IH
Model Precision Hoe 800
Seeding Method Precision hoe
Row Spacings, in (mm) 10, 12 (254, 305)
Seed Supply, Air Cart or Integral Tank, bu (L) Air Cart
Frame Sections & Transport Folding Method 3 & 5-section, rear fold
Machine Dimensions and Weight  
Working Width, Minimum, ft-in (m) 50' (15.3)
Working Width, Maximum, ft-in (m) 70' (21.3)
Transport Width, Minimum, ft-in (m) 17' 8" (5.4)
Transport Width, Maximum, ft-in (m) 17' 8" (5.4)
Transport Height, Minimum, ft-in (m) 16' 6" (5.03)
Transport Height, Maximum, ft-in (m) 16' 6" (5.03)
Number of Furrows, Minimum 50
Number of Furrows, Maximum 84
Basic Weight, Minimum, lb (kg) 27,592 (12542)
Basic Weight, Maximum, lb (kg) 37,985 (17266)
Variants Available 3 widths, 2 row spacings
Primary Opener Assembly  
Opener Type Dual pivot shank on parallel links
Depth Gauging System By press wheel
Seeding Depth, Maximum, in (mm) 2 (51)
Down Pressure, Minimum, lb (kg) 135 (61)
Down Pressure, Maximum, lb (kg) 215 (97.5)
Trip Load, lb (kg) 275 to 550 (125 to 250) hydraulic adjust
Fertilizer Delivery Double shoot
Press Wheels  
Press Wheels Mounted on Opener or to Frame Mounted on opener
Press Wheel Description 4.8" wide smooth x 8", pneumatic
Tires and Frame  
Center Frame Tire 11L x 15FI or 12.5L x 15FI
Wing Frame Tire 11L x 15FI or 12.5L x 15FI
Number of Frame Ranks 3
Distance Between Ranks, in (mm) 39 (991)
Sales Literature  
Literature Number CIH6010901
Literature Date 6/1/2009
Other Documentation  
Document Number PL-3061-09
Document Date 7/1/2009
Status and Entry Dates  
Manufacturing Status Current
First Entry Date 3/9/2010
Revision Date 9/14/2014