Case IH Precision Disk 500

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Precision Disk 500 Air Drill Highlights​

  • Tow-between or tow-behind configurations
  • Split front and rear ranks to allow single rank seeding
  • Easily folds for transportability
  • In-Cab down pressure control


Transport & Flotation

  • The vertical fold design allows for lowest transport height in the industry as well as narrow transport widths
  • The 25 ft & 30 ft Precision Disk Drills also utilize a wing lock for safe transport
  • To fold or unfold the tool, a single remote lever in the tractor is used
  • While transporting or pulling in/out of a field, the ground clearance of the openers is 8.5 in
  • The wide profile of the transport wheels provide the stability to move the disk drill confidently, even at higher roading speeds
  • Maximum transport speed should not exceed 20 mph


Standard Flotation

  • Stubble resistant tires at all locations
  • 12 total wheels
  • Front of mainframe- 12/5L x 15 dual on castoring rigid axles
  • Front and rear of each wing --12.5L x 15 single wheel (front on caster)
  • Rear of mainframe--18L x 16.1 dual wheels on rigid axles


High Flotation

  • Stubble resistant tires at all locations
  • 16 total wheels
  • Front of mainframe--12.5L x 15 dual on castoring walking tandem axles
  • Front and rear of each wing--12.5L x 15 duals on walking beam axles (front on castor)
  • Rear of mainframe 18L x 16.1 dual wheels on walking beam axles

Tow-Behind or Tow-Between, It's Up to You

Front Hitch

  • The front pull hitch is a floating style hitch
  • Allows the disk drill to float up and down, independently from the tractor and hitch
  • Improves ground following and seed depth control because the hitch will not raise or lower the front of the tool when the tractor rides over a hill or an obstacle


Rear Hitch

  • A rear hitch is available to hook up any tow-behind air cart
  • The rear hitch is designed to ensure a tight implement turning radius and follow the tracks created by the tractor during transport
  • Provides enough room to allow the drill frame to be folded into the transport position without disconnecting the air system
  • A rear hitch package is available to provide the needed hydraulic and eletronic power to the Tow-Behind air cart
  • Lights and ISOBUS connection


Hitch Clevis

  • A strong cast Cat IV clevis
  • For secure hitching, this type of hitch requires a 2" hitch pin​​


Rear Hitch Caddy

  • When utilizing a Tow-Between air cart a convenient rear hitch can also be added to the drill to tow other caddies


Make Case IH Case IH
Model Precision Disk 500, 3-Section Precision Disk 500, 5-Section
Seeding Method No-Till disk, parallel link No-Till disk, parallel link
Row Spacings, in (mm) 10 (254) std. or 7.5 (191) opt. 10 (254) std. or 7.5 (191) opt.
Seed Supply, Air Cart or Integral Tank, bu (L) Air Cart Air Cart
Frame Sections & Transport Folding Method 3-section,single fold vertical 5-section, double fold vertical
Machine Dimensions and Weight    
Working Width, Minimum, ft-in (m) 30' (9.14) 50' (15.24)
Working Width, Maximum, ft-in (m) 40' (12.19) 60' (18.29)
Transport Width, Minimum, ft-in (m) 12' (3.65) 18' 8" (5.70)
Transport Width, Maximum, ft-in (m) 18' 6" (5.63) 18' 8" (5.70)
Transport Height, Minimum, ft-in (m) 11' 11" (3.63) 13' 2" (4.02)
Transport Height, Maximum, ft-in (m) 13' 10" (4.21) 14' 10" (4.52)
Number of Furrows, Minimum 36 60
Number of Furrows, Maximum 64 96
Basic Weight, Minimum, lb (kg) 17,500 (7938) 36,600 (16601)
Basic Weight, Maximum, lb (kg) 24,800 (11250) 45,500 (20369)
Variants Available 2 widths, 2 rwo spacings 2 widths, 2 rwo spacings
Primary Opener Assembly    
Opener Type Single 18" (457) coulter, 7 degree angle Single 18" (457) coulter, 7 degree angle
Depth Gauging System 4.5" (114) wide gauge wheel 4.5" (114) wide gauge wheel
Seeding Depth, Maximum, in (mm) 3.5" (89), 14 increments 3.5" (89), 14 increments
Down Pressure, Minimum, lb (kg) 160 (73) per row 160 (73) per row
Down Pressure, Maximum, lb (kg) 400 (181) per row 400 (181) per row
Trip Load, lb (kg) Vertical travel; no trip Vertical travel; no trip
Fertilizer Delivery np np
Press Wheels    
Press Wheels Mounted on Opener or to Frame Mounted on opener Mounted on opener
Press Wheel Description 4" (102) wide double edged 4" (102) wide double edged
Tires and Frame    
Center Frame Tire 12.5Lx15 dual front; 18Lx16.1 dual rear 16.5x16.1 dual front and rear
Wing Frame Tire 12.5Lx15 single front and rear std; dual opt. 12.5Lx15 single front and rear inner; single outer
Number of Frame Ranks 2 2
Distance Between Ranks, in (mm) 59 (1499) 59 (1499)
Sales Literature    
Literature Number CIH12071201 CIH08071301
Literature Date 12/1/2012 8/1/2013
Other Documentation    
Document Number PL-3079-12 PL-3085-13
Document Date 11/1/2012 8/1/2013
Status and Entry Dates    
Manufacturing Status Current Current
First Entry Date 11/27/2012 1/3/2017
Revision Date 2/13/2013; 1/3/2017 --