Case IH Precision Air 4465

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The Tank Capacity You've Been Asking For

The seven new Precision Air 5 series carts boast tank capacities from 350 to 950 bushels and are available in tank configurations with two or three primary compartments plus a 25 or 35 bushel auxiliary tank option to meet your input needs. Combine that with seed sensor options that will keep you productive all day long.

Increased Tank Capacity

  • The 5 Series' tanks provide up to 39% more product carrying capacity, increasing the amount of acres that can be seeded without stopping.
  • The polyurethane Roto-Molded tanks are shaped to tuck close together for maximum capacity, corrosion resistance, ideal material flow and weathering resistance.
  • Each model's tanks are sized appropriately to maximize acres per fill, while maintaining high efficiency.
  • Tank options give you the ability to mix any tanks product with any of the other tanks for simple use and flexibility.


Auxiliary Tank Option

  • A fourth steel auxiliary tank option is available for efficient carrying and application of small, low rate crops like canola or micro-nutrients.
  • The auxiliary tank nests below and between the first and second tank and is available on the 4465, 4585, 4765, 4955 Precision Air models in capacities of 25 or 35 bushels, depending on cart size.
  • The auxiliary tank utilizes a pneumatic tank fill system that reduces seed damage, can be loaded at ground level and accepts 1000 lb. tote bags or 50 lb bags.


Tank Sensors

  • A seed level sensor is standard in each tank and informs the operator through the AFS Pro 700 when the seed level is low.
  • Optionally, an ultrasonic bin level sensor can be added to show actual tank level at all times.


Tank Accessibility & Visibility

Larger tank openings, low-profile lids and heavy-duty interior ladders provide easier access for operators, while a new over-center tank lid lock system ensures a tight seal. A ground-level indicator lets the operator know when bins are full.

Lid & Opening

  • The new tank design offers large tank openings, easy to grab latch handles and low profile lids. All these features provide unobstructed movement for the conveyor or auger spout, meaning less seed spillage.


Staircase & Platform

  • The new durable, spring-loaded folding staircase allows quick access to the tank platform and feature solid hand rails and slip resistant treads.
  • The staircase brings you to a large and secure platform for easy access to the tank openings, allowing you to safely monitor the auger and tank fill levels.
  • Platform railings fold down without tools for easy transportation and storage.


Tank Ladder

  • Internal tank ladders provide convenient, easy access to inspect inside each tank.
  • An extra step bar and removable grab post make getting into and out of the tank easier.


Fast, Convenient Filling In the Field

Choose a filling option that best fits your operation. With standard and deluxe auger options, a new conveyor system and the auxiliary tank filling system you will spend less time filling and more time in the field.


Standard Auger

  • The standard 10-inch-diameter auger has a longer hopper at the bottom for improved access under trucks during seed or fertilizer transfer.
  • This auger option is standard on 2355, 3445, 4465 models, offers mechanical maneuvering and a 29 bu./min capacity; helping fill your primary tanks in 15 min. or less.


Deluxe Auger

  • The auger's wireless remote control allows effortless starting and stopping of the auger for easier auger positioning to all tank openings, without having to move the hopper.
  • The deluxe auger system, is optional on the Precision Air 3445 and 4465 and standard on the 3555 and 4585 and fills the primary tanks of these models in 13 min. or less.



  • Handles seed smoothly and gently and fills tanks nearly twice as fast as the deluxe auger system. With a maximum fill rate of 93 bushels per minute, fill a new Precision Air 4955 in under 11 minutes, giving you more productivity with every fill.
  • The conveyor system provides the same remote control operation as the deluxe auger.
  • Patented cam linkage automatically keeps the spout centered over the tank lids.
  • A new conveyor system is standard on the Precision Air 4765 and 4955 and optional on the 3555 and 4585 models.


Auxiliary Tank Fill

  • The revolutionary auxiliary tank fill system reduces seed damage and provides a smaller tank for smaller/low rate crop types.
  • The auxiliary tank uses smooth air flow for ground filling – no need to carry bags up a ladder or use a lifting platform.
  • A ground-level side door opens to access inside of the aux tank for inspection and cleanout.


Make Case IH
Model Precision Air 4465
Number of Tanks/Compartments 4
Tow Position: Tow Between (TBT) or Tow Behind (TBH) Behind or between
Total Capacity, bu (L) 460 (16210)
First Tank, bu (L) 140 (4933)
Second Tank, bu (L) 105 (3700)
Third Tank, bu (L) 190 (6695)
Fourth Tank, bu (L) 25 (881)
Optional Add-on Tank, bu (L) No option
Tank material, Steel or Poly Polyethylene Roto-molded
Metering System  
Meter Description Variable rate, modular cartridges
Meter Drive, Standard Manual control, variable rate
Meter Drive, Optional AccuSection Multi-Segment
Fan Description Dual fan double shoot; single fan single shoot
Fan Drive Hydraulic
Fill Auger  
Fill Auger Diameter, in (mm) Deluxe Auger, 44 bu/min
Optional Fill Auger/Conveyor Diameter or width, in (mm) KSI belt conveyor, 60 bu/min.
Front Tire Size 500/50 R17 Dual caster
Rear Single Tire Size 800/70 R38 Single
Rear Dual Tire Size 650/75 R38 Dual
Dimensions and Weights, Maximum  
Width, Single Tires, ft-in (m) 18' 5" (5.61)
Width, Dual Tires, ft-in (m) 18' 5" (5.61)
Height to Hand Rails, ft-in (m) 15' 8" (4.78)
Overall Length, ft-in (m) 34' 9" (10.59) (TBT)
Weight, Empty, lb (kg) 17,622 (7993) (TBH)
Monitors and Sensors  
Standard Monitor AFS Pro 700
Optional Monitor ISO 11783
Tank Level Sensors Standard
Blockage Sensors Optional on air drills
Sales Literature  
Literature Number CIH06221501
Literature Date 6/1/2015
Other Documentation  
Document Number AC-170031-17
Document Date 6/1/2017
Status and Entry Dates  
Manufacturing status Current
First Entry Date 6/25/2015
Revision Date 11/13/2017