Case IH 4418N Corn Head

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Ultimate Grain Saving Capability

Case IH has expanded the 4400 series corn head lineup with all-new narrow row configuration options. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the new narrow row corn head is built to match the performance of Case IH Axial-Flow® combines.

Introducing the Narrow Row Corn Head

Choices to Fit Your Needs

  • Available in 20- and 22-inch spacing, new narrow row corn heads will help producers pick cleaner, harvest faster and pick down corn better to save more grain.
  • Chopping and nonchopping configurations options are available to fit your residue management system.


Achieve a High-efficiency Harvest

  • Take a load off your combine with a lightweight head — up to 2,000 pounds lighter than competitive models — that floats over the ground and reduces compaction.
  • Separate drive lines power the row units and choppers, providing more efficient power data control and additional protection to the drive lines.
  • Power is driven from the gear boxes in the center of the head and split equally to the right and left side of the head; this clean design improves power flow.


Designed For Enhanced Grain Savings

  • New flip-up tall-corn attachments are integrated into the other dividers and help prevent loss of corn ears over the ends of heads when harvesting in tall stands of corn.
  • Updated stalk roll spiral patterns are now optimized for today’s challenging crop conditions and can handle a wider range of stalk diameters and stalk health.
  • The divider profile and hood design aid in smoother crop flow. Then CornLouvers™ channel corn ears and loose kernels into head for enhanced grain savings.


Corn Head Design: Harvest More Acres Per Day

  • Heavy-duty drives designed for high speed harvest and high-yielding corn hybrids
  • Superior residue and stalk processing with even spread distribution
  • Numerous exclusive features, including patented corn saver louvers
  • Improved gathering chain and stalk roll speeds for maximum grain savings
  • New poly dividers are more durable and provide quick easy access for cleaning and fast conversion from field to road
  • Most 4400 series are compatible with 10, 20, 230, 240 and 88, 130, 140 series combines
  • The new 4416 and 4418, in narrow row configurations, are compatible with 8120, 9120, 8230, 9230, 8240 and 9240 Axial-Flow Combine models
  • 4200 series compatible with legacy combine feeders


Designed for Maximum Grain Savings

  • Patented Corn Louvers direct the grain back towards the auger to reduce header loss
  • Improved row unit divider sealing to reduce grain loss from gathering chains
  • Large open front gathering chain sprocket to more effectively pull in down corn
  • Large gathering chains and paddles that allows for large crop volumes to be conveyed to the auger
  • Fully Adjustable 16" Diameter Auger with 5" Deep Flighting provides gentle feeding to the combine


Designed for Increased Productivity

  • High capacity gathering chains to pull in large crop volumes
  • Matched capacity stalk roll to gathering chain speeds for superior feeding
  • Large stalk rolls for increased stalk processing performance
  • Longer stalk roll knives for wider operating ranges


Case IH Header Manufacturing

  • To ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability Case IH has made significant investments into head manufacturing.
  • All Case IH 3020, 3100 series drapers and 4400/4200 series corn heads are built in Burlington, IOWA. The 3016 pick-up head is produced in the Saskatoon assembly plant
  • The Burlington assembly plant embodies the heritage of Case IH and began building Case combines in 1937.
  • The Burlington plant has gone through extensive renovations to incorporate the latest manufacturing technology


  • Type: 18-Row
  • Spacing: 20 or 22 in 
  • Axial-Flow Combine Compatibility: 8120, 9210, 8230, 9230, 8240 and 9240​