Case IH 600 Forage Blower

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High Speed Auger


  • The high-speed, direct-feeding auger is positioned at a 30-degree angle to the blower
  • Quickly moves material from the 37 in (940-mm)-wide hopper
  • Smoothly transitions material from hopper to blower
  • Breaks up crop slugs and eliminates plugging​


High-speed, 12 in (305 mm) - Diameter Feed Auger

  • Smoothly and evenly delivers crop to blower
  • No bridging or plugging of the blower​


Room to Maneuver

Wide Hopper

  • The wide, 37in (940-mm) hopper extends 20 in (508 mm) past the blower housing
  • Provides ample room for maneuvering wagons into position
  • Easy access to the hopper speeds up unloading time
  • Flexible wind deflectors prevent spillage at the blower​


Easily Adjust Hopper Height

  • From 20.5 in (521 mm) to 27.5 in (699 mm) to match the height of different wagons.​​


Individually Adjustable Wheels

  • Allow you to level the blower at the silo and raise it for transport.​


Blower Fan

Keeps Material Moving

Paddle Tip Speed of 8,460 Ft Per Minute

The 60 in (1,524 mm)-diameter blower fan has a paddle tip speed of 8,460 ft per minute (2,579 m/min) to keep material moving.

  • Unload corn silage at speeds up to 180 tons per hour (163 mt/hr)
  • Unload haylage at speeds up to 110 tons per hour (100 mt/hr)​​​​​​


Proper Water Placement

Increased Blower Efficiency

The Case IH Model 600 forage blower features a water inlet flange that allows for proper water placement. This increases blower efficiency by removing the plant juices that gum up the blower and housing.​​