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Case IH tractors, compact tractors, utility tractors and 4WD tractors at McKeel Equipment in Paducah, KY and Murray, KY.

CASE IH Agriculture Tractors
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CASE IH Agriculture
Magnum™ Series Tractors

The next generation Magnum™ series tractors are here! Case IH engineers have integrated customer input with advanced technology to deliver four top-notch, row crop tractors ranging from 175 to 255 PTO horsepower. The Magnum family leads the industry in power growth, hitch lift capacity, hydraulic flow, interior cab volume, glass area, ergonomics and more.

Magnum 215 Tractor 221 hp
Magnum 245 Tractor 248 hp
Magnum 275 Tractor 275 hp
Magnum 305 Tractor 304 hp
Magnum 335 Tractor 330 hp

CASE IH Agriculture
Puma™ Series Tractors

Case IH Puma™ Series tractors are flexible, powerful and maneuverable and range from 135 to 180 PTO hp (100.7 to 134.2 kW), Puma tractors are ideal for a wide variety of tasks and offer the speed and maneuverability required for row-crop farming and the power needed for field operations, the heavy loader work of large hay and livestock operations and the specialty needs of vegetable farms.

Puma 165 Tractor 165 hp
Puma 180 Tractor 180 hp
Puma 195 Tractor 195 hp
Puma 210 Tractor 210 hp

CASE IH Agriculture
Maxxum® Series Tractors

Maxxum® Series tractors combine efficient power with operator convenience to handle the large workload and multiple tasks of livestock operations, row-crop applications, and roadside mowing.

Maxxum 110 Tractor 110 hp
Maxxum 110 Pro Tractor 110 hp
Maxxum 115 Tractor 115 hp
Maxxum 120 Pro Tractor 119 hp
Maxxum 125 Tractor 125 hp
Maxxum 125 Pro Tractor 125 hp
Maxxum 130 Pro Tractor 130 hp
Maxxum 140 Pro Tractor 139 hp

CASE IH Farmall® U
    Series Tractors

Take productivity to the max with a Farmall® U Series tractor from Case IH. Three hard-working models ranging from 70 to 90 PTO hp (52 to 67 kW) provide the power and efficiency to increase your return on investment. All three models come in your choice of 2WD or MFD, with a climate-controlled cab or economical ROPS platform.

Farmall 85U Tractor 85 hp
Farmall 95U Tractor 95 hp
Farmall 105U Tractor 105 hp

CASE IH Agriculture
JXC Series Tractors

Farmall® C Series tractors are compact and maneuverable, yet rugged enough for heavy-duty chores. Four models range from 50 to 80 PTO hp (37 to 60 kW) and represent the elite of utility tractors. A low profile and center of gravity make Farmall C tractors right at home in tight quarters and on open, uneven terrain.

Farmall 65C Tractor 64 hp
Farmall 75C Tractor 76 hp
Farmall 85C Tractor 84 hp
Farmall 95C Tractor 95 hp

CASE IH Farmall® &
 JX Series Tractors

Farmall® Series and JX Series tractors provide no-frills economy with reliable performance and are ideal for all-purpose applications such as loader work, mowing, baling, box blading and more.   PTO horsepower ranging from 55 to 90

JX60 Tractor 55 hp
JX70 Tractor 62 hp
JX80 Tractor 72 hp
Farmall 90 Tractor 84 hp
Farmall 95 Tractor 90 hp
Farmall 95 High Clearance 90 hp

  Narrow Tractors

Compact and maneuverable. The JXN Series tractors from Case IH feature a narrow width and low profile and are designed for use in vineyards, orchards, row crops and other applications where space is at a premium.

JX1075N Tractor 75 hp
JX1095N Tractor 91 hp

CASE IH Farmall® Series
       Utility Tractors

Farmall® is one of the most familiar—and famous—names in tractor history. Like their forebears, the new Farmall tractors are designed for versatility and rugged performance. But, they aren’t just for farms anymore! The new Farmall tractors have evolved into multi-tasking machines that meet the needs of homeowners, landscapers, contractors, farmers, golf courses and horse stables—any customer who appreciates flexibility, simplicity and comfort.

Farmall 55 Utility Tractor 55 hp
Farmall 60 Utility Tractor 60 hp

CASE IH Farmall® Series
    Compact Tractors

Integrated implements. Weekend warriors and commercial contractors alike appreciate the Farmall compact tractor line with its long list of integrated implements, loaders and available attachments.

Farmall 31 Compact Tractor 31 hp
Farmall 35 Compact Tractor 35 hp
Farmall 40 Compact Tractor 40 hp
Farmall 45 Compact Tractor 45 hp
Farmall 50 Compact Tractor 50 hp

          CASE IH
Steiger® and QUADTRAC
      4WD Tractors

Models made for the way you work. The Steiger and QUADTRAC tractor family includes six models with 29 different versions from • 280 hp (209 kW) to an impressive 530 hp (395 kW). Choose the model that best matches your operation’s needs.
Steiger 335 Tractor 335 hp
Steiger 385 Tractor 385 hp
Steiger 435 Tractor 435 hp
Steiger 485 Tractor 485 hp
Steiger 535 Tractor 535 hp

CASE Agriculture Tractors CASE Agriculture Combines CASE Agriculture Tillage Equipment CASE Agriculture Hay and Forage Equipment

CASE Construction Loader/Backhoes CASE Construction Excavators CASE Construction Crawler Dozers CASE Construction Compact Track Loaders
CASE Construction Wheel Loaders CASE Construction Mini Excavators CASE Construction Skid Steer Loaders CASE Construction Vibratory Rollers

KUBOTA Tractors KUBOTA Excavators KUBOTA Residential-Commercial Mowers KUBOTA RTV Series Utility Vehicles

PETTIBONE Telehandlers

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