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Case IH tillage, disk harrows, primary tillage, field cultivators and seed bed preparation at McKeel Equipment in Paducah, KY and Murray, KY.

CASE IH Agriculture Tillage Equipment
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CASE IH Agriculture
Disk Harrows: Offset

For unparalleled performance—whether you’re deep-tilling stalks and stubble, burying brush on summer fallow, or leveling irrigated fields—the Case IH Heavy-Offset 790 offset disk harrow is suitable for every job and budget.

Heavy-Offset 790 Finishing Offset Disk
Heavy-Offset 790 All-purpose Offset Disk
Heavy-Offset 790 Plowing Disk

CASE IH Agriculture
Disk Harrows: Tandem

As the leader in soil management equipment research, technology, design and production, Case IH offers a full line of tandem disks for primary and seed bed soil management, that deliver efficiency, performance and profitability.

True-Tandem 340
True-Tandem 370

CASE IH Agriculture
Primary Tillage: Chisel Plows

Make the most of your farm's potential with Case IH primary tillage systems. Designed for both durability and accuracy, Case IH chisel plows level and firm the soil surface by breaking up soil clods and pushing soil and roots into open “holes.” They also flatten crop residue to protect your soil from erosion.

Flex Till 600

CASE IH Agriculture
Primary Tillage: Disk Rippers

Give your plants the sweet life. Healthy soil produces higher yielding plants—and more profits for your operation. That’s a difference you can bank on with a disk ripper from Case IH. From the 527B ecolo-tiger to the mammoth 9300, Case IH disk rippers are all designed to maximize your profit potential.

ecolo-tiger 527B
ecolo-tiger 530C
ecolo-tiger 730C
ecolo-tiger 9300
Conser-Till 690

CASE IH Agriculture
Primary Tillage: In-Line Rippers

Reap the conservation benefits of no-till farming
—without sacrificing yields—with Case IH no-till equipment.

No-till offers many important soil conservation benefits, but often at the expense of yields. Poor root development—a common yield limitation of no-till—can be caused by compacted soil with limited or poorly distributed air and water, or pore space. Proper pore size and distribution is critical for air and water exchange, which improves potential water infiltration and absorption.

ecolo-til 2500
2500 Rip-Strip
2500 Rip-Bed

CASE IH Agriculture
Primary Tillage: Soil Finishers

Prepare now for higher yields with a P/T crumbler® from Case IH. Designed specifically for use with primary tillage tools, the P/T crumbler breaks up clods, knocks soil off root crowns and creates smoother conditions after primary tillage.

The ideal tool for fall seedbed conditioning, the Case IH P/T crumbler offers several important benefits:

• Reduced clod size - up to 46%
• Smoother valleys - up to 45%
• Improved fall seedbed levelness - up to 55%
• Reduced air pockets

This heavy-duty workhorse is available in 15', 20' and 25' widths, and the 20’ and 25' crumbler folds to a narrow 13' transport width. Additional the P/T crumbler features include:

• Pull frame with telescoping tongue
• Mainframe – 6" x 4" tubing
• Wings – 6" x 4" tubing
• 16" diameter reels with 10, 1" diameter solid bars
• Approximately 160 pound per foot ground pressure
• 3,000 PSI hydraulic cylinders and hoses with ISO couplers
• 9.5L x 15 8-ply tubeless rib implement tires
• Replaceable hubs and spindles
• Warning and tail lights
• SMV emblem and safety chain
• Parking stand
• Large, heavy bearings
• Rigidly mounted reels

CASE IH Agriculture
Seed Bed Preparation:
Field Cultivators

Build the perfect seed bed with a Case IH tiger-mate®
II and crumbler®—the team that delivers an outstanding return on your investment.

The Case IH tiger-mate II field cultivator and crumbler create a firm, level seed bed with better seed-to-soil contact for faster germination and uniform crop emergence. Let the Case IH tiger-mate II and crumbler work for you in the spring, to create greater surface soil tilth with proper pore and soil aggregate size and distribution within the seed zone. Proper seed bed preparation helps warm the soil, allowing it to dry-down quicker, for earlier planting and a longer growing season.

Combine four passes into one—the Case IH tiger-mate II and crumbler cultivate, incorporate, level and firm to maximize your crop’s yield potential, lower your input costs and put more money in your pocket!

The tiger-mate II can be equipped with a number of Advanced Leveling System (ALS) or Advanced Conditioning System (ACS) harrows—with or without the crumbler—to properly distribute residue, size clods and firm the seed zone to prepare the most effective seed bed for your crops. Simply match the desired field finish with your soil environment and farming practice, and then select the Advanced Conditioning System that is best for your fields.

The ACS Round was specifically designed for fields that need moderate clod sizing and seed bed firming, while the ACS Flat was designed for aggressive clod sizing without the firming action of the ACS Round. Tests reveal that the ACS Round in clay loam soils (with inadequate precipitation shortly after planting) added approximately three bushels per acre over a typical three-bar coil tine harrow.

Tests also reveal that the ACS Flat in clay loam soils (with timely precipitation shortly after planting) added approximately five bushels per acre over a typical three-bar coil tine harrow. (Test results based on 2000 research data.)

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