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Case IH round balers, square balers, mower conditioners
and hay equipment at McKeel Equipment in Paducah, KY
and Murray, KY.

CASE IH Agriculture
Hay and Forage Equipment

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CASE IH Agriculture
RB 4 Series Round Balers

Start building dense, flawless round bales with Case IH RB 4 Series round balers. They pack more of your valuable crop into a weather-resistant, edible package.

No matter what size bale you prefer, you can be sure your Case IH round baler will deliver:
- Bales of consistent size and density
- Bales that include more high-protein leaves for higher feed value and nutrition, utilizing all the crop you grow
- Exceptional performance in varying crop and field conditions.

Round Balers
Round Balers
RB454 Silage
Round Balers
RB454 Rotor Cutter
Round Balers
Round Balers
Round Balers
Round Balers

CASE IH Agriculture
LB 3 Series Large Square Balers

Big bales mean big productivity. No matter what the crop—hay, straw or silage—Case IH LB 3 Series large square balers make you more productive. Built for high-capacity baling, these balers feature added flexibility to handle a variety of crops with ease.

The size you need. Choose the bale size that best matches your storage, shipping and feeding needs. The LB333 builds 32 x 35 n. (800 x 900 mm) bales and the LB433 makes bales that are 47 x 35 in. (1200 x 900 mm). Both balers allow you to adjust bale length from 3.9 to 9.0 ft. (1.2 to 2.75 m), making it easy to maximize your payload with minimal handling.

Large Square Balers
LB333 Packer Cutter Large Square Balers
LB333 Rotor Cutter Large Square Balers
Large Square Balers
LB433 Rotor Cutter Large Square Balers

CASE IH Agriculture
SB Series Small Square Balers

Put a Case IH SB Series small square baler in your field and you can expect a non-stop supply of solid, stackable, tied-to-last bales. Four models get the job done right with features like wide pickups, heavy-duty feeding systems and gear-driven knotters and twisters.

Built stronger to perform better. SB Series small square balers are designed to stand up to season after season of heavy-duty baling. The rugged plunger is made with high-strength steel, providing a higher strength-to-weight ratio for increased durability without extra weight. It rides on sealed ball-bearing rollers and white-iron slides for minimal maintenance. And, the Case IH bale chamber is engineered for optimum bale formation. Six hay dogs hold flakes in place for firm, better-shaped bales.

Small Square Balers
Small Square Balers
Small Square Balers
Small Square Balers

CASE IH Agriculture
FHX300 Pul-Type Forage Harvester

Get your crop out of the field and into the silo faster than ever with the rugged Case IH FHX300 pull-type forage harvester. The 1000-rpm driveline, heavy-duty components and wide crop heads allow you to harness big-tractor horsepower (up to 300 hp) and turn it into high-capacity harvesting performance.

The wide, 24.4 in. (620 mm) throat opening swallows your heaviest crops. The feedrolls move material smoothly and evenly into the rugged, 21-in.-diameter, 12-knife cutterhead. Hardened alloy knives span the full width of the cutterhead and chop evenly and efficiently. This uniform length of cut converts your crop into high-quality feed, and makes blowing, storage and feeding easier.

FHX300 Pull-Type Forage Harvester

CASE IH Agriculture
DC Series Rotary Disc Mower Conditioners

DC Series Rotary Disc Mower Conditioners deliver the fast cutting and high-quality conditioning you demand. These rotary disc mower conditioners are built to handle a variety of crops and easily slice through alfalfa, dense grass or even tough cane crops at high speeds. There are four models to choose from—two with side-pull and two with a center-pivot design that gives you the maneuverability and capacity of a self-propelled unit.

Rotary Disc Mower Conditioners
Rotary Disc Mower Conditioners
Rotary Disc Mower Conditioners
Rotary Disc Mower Conditioners

CASE IH Agriculture
Sicklebar Mower Conditioners

SC Series sicklebar mower conditioners deliver fast cutting, high-quality conditioning with the reliability you demand. Available in three widths, the SC101 allows for custom-built windrows or swaths.

SC101 Mower Conditioner

CASE IH Agriculture
MDX Series Rotary Disc Mowers

Case IH MDX Series rotary disc mowers swiftly handle most any condition—even wet or downed crops—for clean cutting performance, maneuverability, durability and overall value.

MDX21 Economy Disc Mower
MDX31 Economy Disc Mower
MDX41 Economy Disc Mower
MD72 Heavy-duty Disc Mower
MD82 Heavy-duty Disc Mower
MD92 Heavy-duty Disc Mower
TD102 Heavy-duty Disc Mower

CASE IH Agriculture
WRX Series Wheel Rakes

Move more hay and move it faster with WRX Series wheel rakes from Case IH. WRX wheel rakes use 55-in. (140-cm) diameter raking wheels to move crops quickly and gently, allowing you to build larger and fluffier windrows for the best dry-down. The large-diameter wheels provide a large contact surface to move more hay, while the 4 ft. 8 in. (142-cm) vertical clearance gives large windrows ample room to pass through without plugging.

WRX201 Wheel Rake
WRX301 Wheel Rake

CASE IH Agriculture
WD 3 Series Windrowers

WDX "3" Series windrowers offer you more for your money with value-loaded features that improve your productivity and bottom line!

WD1203 Windrower
WD1903 Windrower
WD2303 Windrower

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